Simon the Last


Hi, I'm Simon 👋

I'm an artist and designer from south London in the UK.

My art practice (@simonthelast) takes various forms including installations, sculptures and digital media, while my design practice (@simoneves) is focussed on graphic and motion design.

My work

My most recent artworks have been exhibited in a combination of group and solo shows around London, including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, the Deptford X Festival fringe and the London Art Biennale.

My design work spans over a decade of working with global brands and partners to create a wide variety of creative work that has been seen all over the world.

The shop

This shop is an independent home for collectable versions of my designs and artwork. Every order helps me sustain my practice so I can make more work and keep the lights on! I try my best to ensure all products are ethically sourced and manufactured, and that non-recyclable packaging is kept to an absolute minimum. Everything is also made to order, so waste is minimal.

I hope you find a little something you like!

Simon x